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This page is a brief tribute to those that have gone far and wide... There will be two lists below.

The first includes all people to have been to all independent countries in the world, that means the United Nations 193 (see note below!) plus Vatican. This list has been compiled through internet searches and exchange of information on forums. If you can help, that would be much appreciated. The nationality, date of birth, date and final country of completion of the 194 are also mentioned where known. In the first list are those we are reasonably sure have done it.

In the list below are those who claim they have done it but there is a lot of reason to believe one or more of the countries was illegal or the entries did not involve crossing the border properly (i.e. transit at airport does NOT count) and spending a minimal reasonable time in a country (not necessarily a night, but certainly more than a few seconds!). In this list I have also included some who had done the feat at the time but have passed away and could not do independent South Sudan, and those who were one country away.

The final list includes the scores of the top seasoned travellers on The Best Travelled scale, as listed on the List of Countries section. You can see the current list and visit the website at www.thebesttravelled.com, and please do register!

Note: On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became the world's newest state. Visits to South Sudan must have taken place on or after July 9, 2011 to count as a visit to the new country. This implies that the last country visited for all travellers will, in fact, be South Sudan, unless they visited and then went on to complete all 193 UN members with another country.Unfortunately it is extremely hard to cross-check information regarding when people visited South Sudan, so for the time being the list will remain as is (any assistance is appreciated).

Travellers who have been to every country in the world...


Abbamonte Lee USA 1979 2011 Libya
Aleco Norbert France
Altaffer Bill USA 1943 1994 Guinea
Allman Tony New Zealand
Antuna Sabino Spain 1947 2001 Afghanistan
Asael Anthony Belgium 1974 2009 Maldives
Ashiquzzaman S M Bangladesh 1960 2009 Libya
Asquith James UK 1989
Backström Lars Finland
Barnett John UK
Barry Dave USA
beekenkamp netherlands
beekenkamp netherlands
Bizas Babis Greece 1954 2004 East Timor
Blessitt Arthur USA 1940
Bown Mike Spencer Canada
Bonifas Robert USA 1937
Brugiroux Andre France 1937 2002 North Korea
Burley Rowland Hong Kong 1952
Carlson Tim USA
Colic Miodrag Serbia 1956 2011 San Marino
Connor Phillips Singapore 1958 2008 G. Bissau
Cookson Ted USA 1951 2003 Afghanistan
Cox Gregg USA 1963
Cunningham Loren USA 1935
Dabrowski Wojciech Poland 1947 2009 DR Congo
Deberry Donald USA
Deppe Dietrich Germany
Ekholm Rauno Finland
Endeman Ron USA 1936
Garfors Gunnar Norway 2013 Cape Verde
Giuliano Maurizio Italy/UK 1975 2004 Suriname
Goebels Herbert Germany 1938
Goedbloed Ies Netherlands 1956
Grip Peter Sweden
Guillebeau Chris USA 1978 2013 Norway
Hackley Bart USA 1945
Haddad Richard USA
Haines Phil UK 1962 1997 Iraq
Hardenmark Jarl sweden 1940
Hereter Roman Spain 1959
Hughes Kevin USA
Hunter Virginia USA
Ippolito Robert USA
Kahleyss Daniel Germany 1978 2013 Iceland
Kajanoja Pekka Finland 1932 2003 Iraq
Kandukuri Benny P. India 1975 2010 Pakistan
kloner christine usa
Kolb Markus Germany 2015 Angola
Lehnert Hans Germany 1941 2012 Afghanistan
Lent Helmut Germany 1955 2014 Afghanistan
Liu Yili USA 2010
Lobito Nuno Portugal 1954 2011 Iceland
Lundgren Markus Sweden 1978 2013 Canada
McCorquodale John UK 1938 2006 Burundi
Madrid Joan USA
Maselis Patrick Belgium 1961 2006 North Korea
Matsumoto Kazuto Japan 1963
Mattson Gunnar Sweden
Mitsidis Harry Greece 1972 2008 Eq. Guinea
Morris Frank USA 1941
Mowery Dorothy USA
Neumann Marcus Germany 1972 2012 Vanuatu
Newcomer Steve USA 1957 2008 Comoros
Parda Bob usa
Parda Cathy USA
Parrish Don USA 1944 2011 Mongolia
Peixoto Joao Paulo Portugal 1964 2011 Israel
Petersson Robert Sweden
Petrik Robert USA
Pine Dorothy USA 2005 Afghanistan
Pine Robert USA 2005 Afghanistan
Pollock Neil USA
Porna Ismo Finland 1944 2011 South Sudan
Porter Peggy USA
Porter Tom USA
Raymundo Paulo Brazil 2012 Libya
Rainer Frank usa 1943 2012 South Sudan
reynolds Ed Jr. USA 1935 2014 samoa
Roberts Patricia USA
Rodi Bruno canada
Rousko Raimo Finland
Samaddar Kashi India 1955 2008 Serbia
Sanchez Jorge Spain 1956 2003 Somalia
Sconsted Peter Denmark 1942 2014 Uzbekistan
Scotto Emilio Argentina 1954
Sedano Nina Germany
Shafer Robert USA 1940-2014
Shea Jeff USA 1956 2003 Belarus
Siby Carl-Gustaf Sweden 1948
Sipilä Arvo Finland 2010 Belarus
Smith Charlotte USA
Smith Sanford USA 1945
Spehar Robert USA
speno marian usa
Srinivasaraghavan Jagannathan USA 1950 2012 libya
Stephenson Lynn USA 1926
Stoephasius Wolfgang Germany 1941 2010 Nauru
Stücke Heinz Germany 1940 1996 Seychelles
Suonio Pekka Finland 1970 2006 Kiribati
Todd John Ireland
Van der Wal Dirk Netherlands 1946
Veley Charles USA 1965
Vilen Markku Finland
Viljanen Samu Finland 1971 2010 Bahamas
Virtanen Rauli Finland 2006
Walker Daniel Canada 1941 2007 Mongolia
Walsworth Audrey USA 2009
Wharton John Terence USA

 The following have not been to South Sudan after independence or their claims cannot be verified according to the standards of what constitutes a visit.


Johnson Paul USA 1940? 2013
Forwood Kay Australia 2008 Tonga
Forwood Peter Australia 2008 Tonga
Hughes Graham UK 2012 South Sudan
Clouse John USA
Bruehwiler Roman Switzerland 1959
Gwin Gig USA
Mowery Charles
Ziegler Ken
Peskin Carol Ann USA
Thompson c. Parker
Majewski Mariusz Poland 1972 2012 North Korea


 The following were, or are, very close to reaching the entire number.


Buechler Thomas switzerland 1957
Campbell Laurie USA
Cloutier Bernard
Geoff Cartwright Betty USA
Hanks Brian
Ihsen Bob USA
Irving James
Kazumoto Azusa Japan
Kjems Frode Denmark 1960
Last Terry
Lebedev Artemy russia 1975
Leventhal Larry
Megre Jose portugal 1942-2008
Oskamp Erik
Rheinberger John
Schmid Emil and Liliana


Top The Best Travelled (from www.thebesttravelled.com) - updated 12 Feb 2015 - only verified members added

 Babis Bizas (1954, Greece) has visited probably more than any of the below.

1 Kari-Matti Valtari Finland 1968 968
2 Jorge Sanchez Spain 1954 963
3 Frank Grosse-Oetringhaus Germany 1943 956
4 Harry Mitsidis Greece 1972 949
5 Daniel Walker Costa Rica 1941 943
6 Don Parrish USA 1944 942
7 Veikko Huhtala Finland 1946 905
8 Oili Liutu Finland 1940 843
9 Markus Lundgren Sweden 1978 825
10 Carl-Gustav Siby Sweden 1957 807
11 Thomas Buechler
Switzerland 1957 797
12 Jan Oerlemans Netherlands 1948 796
13 Edward Reynolds USA
1936 785
14 Peter Forwood Australia 1950 771
15 Anthony Asael Belgium 1974 770