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First visit: February 1995 Subsequent visits: March 1996; place of residence April-June 1996, August 1996, February 1997, April 1997, May 1999, October 2000, June 2002, July 2003, June 2009, August 2009, May 2011, May 2014, July 2014. Visited: Brussels, Antwerp, Gent, Namur, Bruges, Leuven, Charleroi, Arlon, Brecht, Kelmis. Brussels is known as the worst capital of Europe and the joke goes: name a famous Belgian. This is a country most Europeans love to hate for good reason; I like nowhere, even Antwerp which is supposed to be charming and cosmopolitan. Granted, I have yet to make it to Brugge. Given that I lived here in 1996, the fact it took me 13 years to get a picture of the place makes a point. The place is a dead loss. No wonder they made it the capital of Europe. Highlight: Maneken Piss in Brussels.
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