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Harry has been to every country in the world and welcomes you to his 35.000+ photos collection from everywhere!

Welcome to my simple website! It really is simple - if you want stuff more complex, visit www.thebesttravelled.com instead!

You can browse pictures from nearly all the countries in the world. Just go to the 'world photos' section and choose the country that most interests you... The pictures in this site have been taken by myself, with very few exceptions and even in these cases I was present when the photograph was taken by a fellow traveller's camera.

I have been to all recognised independent countries of the world, and each one is listed alphabetically in the 'world photos' section.

The amount of pictures varies wildly...my interest in photography did not develop until well into my late twenties, while I only got a digital camera in early 2005. Therefore, for some more 'obvious' countries such as Sweden, you will find a disappointingly low number of pictures. On the other hand, some utterly bizarre destinations you have never heard of are very rich in material...

It is easy to navigate this site, just click on the toolbar to the left depending on where you wish to go. On the far left you will see where I am located currently - being a world traveller, this changes all the time! Apart from the world photos section, you will find a section with photos of my friends, and of myself through the years. There is also a page with my recent trips and those I plan on doing in the near future, a 'travel thoughts' section with some info, whose content may be helpful to travellers, plus a much freer blog. In the links section, there are both travel-related and non-travel sites which I like.

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Who am I?

This is the part where it is best for others to speak for you...so I asked some people to complete the sentence 'Harry is..'. I hope it doesn't sound too narcissistic! Before I have my friends speak for me though, here goes. I am a dromomaniac - this is not a medical condition, but a pleasant state of affairs when one always has the need to travel! I have visited all 196 independent countries of the world, completing the task on March 19, 2008 with Equatorial Guinea as the final one. What is left now? Loads of places! Territories, islands, towns, roads, peoples...I never get enough. My name is Harry, I was born in London in 1972, grew up in Athens, Greece, have lived parts of my adult life in the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Serbia,  Switzerland and Oman. And in between teaching and writing, I roam the world. Set to retire from travel in the summer of 2015.

Je parle francais. Hablo espanol. Φυσικά μιλάω ελληνικά. Говорим српски. Zboruvam makedonski. Vorbesc româna. Ik spreek nederlands. Govorim hrvatski.  Falo um pouco portugues. Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch. Turkce ogreniyorum. Puhuin suomeksi mutta olen unohtunut. Hovorim trochu po slovensko. Učim se slovensčina. Belajar bahasa melayu. Parlo solo un po italiano, scuzi!

Francisco (Vera Cruz, Mexico) Harry is a part of me, the key keeper of my other self. This part was lost in time but made it through the ages to teach me the knowledge and the true meaning of being true.

Spyros (Montreal, Canada) Still holding on to a partly idealistic, partly naive innocence, Harry is slowly growing up to the ugliness and mediocrity of this world.

Mihalis (Rhodes, Greece) Harry is...or has his own cosmotheory and lives in his own world. A world full of travels and cult memories!

Pedja (Belgrade, Serbia)  Harry is a very good friend of mine, I am very glad I met him in my life, and very glad to be his friend. Hope he finds his love and peace in life as soon as possible!

Patrick (London, U.K.) Harry is simply unique.

Maria (Athens, Greece) Harry is...what you wish for but...you can never reach it!

Ivan (Sydney, Australia) Harry is the kind of man who eats donuts on the beach... 

Sarah (London, U.K)  Harry is 1. my partner in crime 2. the only man I have shared a bed with platonically
3. the only man for whom I will willingly do laundry 4. owner of a big heart

Karen (Hsin Chu, Taiwan) Harry is a brave man. He tried to explore the whole world as much as he could, just as much as he explores himself.

 Kubera (Pretoria, South Africa) Harry is a very intelligent man, of course exceptionally widely travelled, generous and with an ability to appreciate kindness and reciprocate it.

Erica (Athens, Greece) Harry is my son, my only child and I love him more than life itself.  

Olympia (Athens, Greece) Harry is unique to me and on his own, unique in words and actions, unique in beliefs and behaviours.

Shahrzad (Tehran, Iran) Harry is one of the best teachers I've ever had and an unforgettable person!

Hani (Beirut, Lebanon) Harry is sweet, Harry is a true friend, Harry is pure, Harry is amazing, Harry is a wonderful guy whoever has him in his/her life is lucky!                                                                             

 Kimberley (Paramaribo, Suriname) Harry is inspirational and down to earth. 

Vladimir (Boston, USA) Harry is a meta-dreamer.

Natalia (Russia) Harry is a true inspiration, and always very straight-forward and daring. Harry you are too much of a person, we need more space to describe u and be honest.


 Yiannis (Athens, Greece) Harry is a true explorer. His quest goes on...

Maria Paola (Porto Alegre, Brazil) Harry is...Six Sigma!

Some personal travel statistics

For more personal statistics view the relevant section under 'some statistics'.

Total flights to today: 2097

Total airlines flown: 340

Total flights in 2015: 49

Total flights in 2014: 142

Total flights in 2013: 121

Countries visited in 2015: 19

Countries visited in 2014: 43

Countries visited in 2013: 35



Harry's top 10 countries

1. Portugal

2. Falklands (UK)

3. Reunion (France)

4.  Vietnam

5. Bonaire (Netherlands)

6. Iceland
7. St. Barts (France)

8. Argentina

9. Mexico

10. Spain

List of Articles in 'Travel Writings' section I & II

Articles will be added every week or so, initially in the form of previously composed travelogues or themed comments on some aspect of travel.

 These are the sections in Travel Writings Part II:

1. An Unfinished Summer Freedom Writing
2. The Great Iwakuni - Japan.

3.Freetown to Monrovia
4. Entering Pakistan (2005)

These are the sections in Travel Writings Part I:

1. On the Road to North Korea (2004)
2. Bits of Japan (2005)

3. Travelogue: The beginning of an African Adventure...

4. Travelogue: Tuvalu
5. Diary: North Pacific Islands - Guam, Micronesia, Kiribati, Samoa.

6. Visa information and help.